World of cryptos will never be the same again: exchange hits the market
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UPcoin exchange goes live in a few days, testing in progress.

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99.999% service availability backed with evidence Our exchange is a safe place to trade because of the following:
AntiDDos Protection
Backup AntiDDoS channels of up to 1000 Gbit/sec
Global presence
UPcoin servers are located in 4 global regions to ensure fast server responses irrespectively of your location.
Exchange Tested by Hackers
Independent auditors are constantly testing our systems to maintain top-notch security level
We protect our employees
We protect not only our exchange but our employees as well. This reduces the risk of getting hacked via “social engineering”
Trade, trade, trade - we will not hold you back

Buy and sell your cryptos without limits at Upcoin. More than 1000 trading pairs will be available right from the start. Every week we will add new coins to increase your income.

You will be also able to buy or sell tokens of the most profitable ICOs. No other exchange will offer you the same possibility

365 days/year, 24 hours/day - this is the way we operate
You won't have to wait weeks or months to get a response from customer support. Our customer service works 24/7/365. The following professionals are here for you:
Professional developers
First-class managers
Support operators with 10+ years of experience
No withdrawal limits and the fee is just 0.2%

We managed to lower our fees by using existing financial reserves. All internal trades will cost anywhere from 0.1 to 0.2%. This is not a one-time offer, we are going to keep the same fees no less than 10 years.

These are the advantages we must tell you about 12 final reasons to be the first one to find out about our launch
Registered business
We are now seeking legal advice to choose jurisdiction with a positive cryptocurrencies regulation
Global presence
UPcoin servers are located in 4 global regions ASIA, USA, EUROPE. Fast server responses, no matter where you are
AML policy requires the use of KYC policy
All our trader info is kept undisclosed and cannot be released to any state authorities
Bonuses to first users
First users of exchange will get financial rewards for early sign-ups
Active bounty program
We have a $5 000 000 bounty campaign and it’s about to launch
High operating speed
Our exchange can handle up to 5M transactions per second and up to 500 000 customer requests simultaneously
Traders from all around the globe
Traders from 170 countries are interested in working with us
Stable and comfortable performance on different devices
Tested to ensure stable and comfortable performance across a variety of devices and OS
Clear & understandable graphs
Our high-end graphs as well a variety of tools for technical analysis allow both newbies and professionals to effectively determine trends and price targets
User friendly interface
We’ve created a clear and user-friendly interface that every user will enjoy
Web Socket & Rest API
New technology that ensures positive user experience
Starting soon: Hear what others have to say

They really did a good job with their code. I personally tested it, trying to hack it via various access points. I did find some minor hiccups, but the overall level is very good.

Skipper, hacker

I tested the exchange on early stages and I am quite happy with it. It has the things that are missing in other places: it's fast, it has a clear interface and it also has some of the order types that are missing on other exchanges.

Henry, focus group member

Finally have I found the orders I was looking for! Stop loss can be triggered by either the upper and the lower price, whichever comes first. This really helps me to keep my risks low, given that cryptos are so volatile. This place is so right for my trading, I'm staying!

Steve, trader

Excellent referral program! I emailed a referral link to all my subscribers and I'm now waiting to get my bonus after the projects kicks off.

Steve, blogger

Interface is very professional. It's all visual, orders fit in just one screen (no or minimum scrolling!) and I don't have to switch across dozens of browser tabs.

Saleh, focus group member
Place #1 for traders Progressive technology, minimum fees, rewards for early users - it's all worth the signup. Zero risk, and you get a trading platform that is just right for your trades.

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